Breakdown of Adoption Expenses

As mentioned on my Fundraising page, the cost of our adoption is approximately $32,000. I'd like to breakdown these expenses here, to give you an idea of what all this includes.

Agency Application Fee                                                        $250

Lifeline Agency Fee - 1st Payment                                        $2,089

Lifeline Agency Fee - 2nd Payment                                        $2,089

Lifeline Agency Fee - 3rd Payment                                         $2,089

Lifeline Agency Fee - 4th Payment                                         $2,089

Home Study Fee                                                                     $2,000

Post-Adoption Home Study Fee                                             $2,100

China Fee for Dossier packet processing                              $1,190

Out-of-Pocket In-Country (US) Expenses                           (est.) $2,123
(passports, required education, legal documents, clearances, medical tests and reports, etc.)

International Flights to China for 2 people                          $3,000

In-country Flights (Orphanage to Consulate)                       $750

China Orphanage and Official Fees                                          $6,500
Consulate Fees                                                                               $450
Hotel Accommodations                                                               $1,380

Guide Service, Translator, Transportation, Tips                   $2,165

Meals and other spending money                                           $1,000 (Agency estimates this at $2000.
                                                                                                  We're hoping to cut this in half.)

Costs associated with visiting orphanage                   (est.) $500

Visas for 2 adults                                                                          $350

TOTAL                                                                                              $32,114

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