Adoption Timeline


November 17, 2017: DTC (Dossier to China)

November 28: LID (Log In Date)

December 7: Dossier "In Review" (Out of Translation)

December 23: Soft LOA


April 9, 2015: DTC (Dossier to China)

April 13: Letter of Intent (LOI) submitted

April 15: Pre-Approval (PA) received

April 24: LID (Log In Date)

June 1: Dossier OOT (out of translation)

June 2: Dossier out of Review

June 10: Soft LOA

June 15: Hard copy LOA

June 17: USCIS (Immigration) I800 Application "received" date

June 29: I800 approved

July 13: Article 5 drop off

July 27: Article 5 pick up

August 7: Travel Approval

August 24: Gotcha Day

September 1: Consulate Appointment


February 19, 2015: Laura and Seamus read FB post advocating for Yaru

February 20: Decision made to pursue adoption of Yaru; Home Study begins

February 26: Home study complete, agencies to review report before submitting to USCIS

March 5: USCIS (Immigration) I800A Application "received" date

March 30: Immigration fingerprint appointment in New Orleans (Lomans bypassing the appointment and walking in on Monday the 23rd in hopes they'll take us early)

March 23: Immigration fingerprints taken; Email from Hague supervisor stating our medical expedite request has been granted

March 24: I800A approved

March 28: Song Ya Ru goes home to heaven


March 8, 2013:  Initial Meeting with Lifeline Adoption Agency in Birmingham, Alabama

April 12:   Home Study begins

May 4:  Final Home Study visit; Adoption Doughnut Day Fundraiser

May 5: T-Shirt Fundraiser begins

May 24: Home study report complete

June 7: USCIS (Immigration) I800A Application "received" date

July 16: Immigration Fingerprint Appointment in New Orleans

August 6: USCIS Officer assigned to our case

August 14: I800A approved

August 19: I-797 (Immigration approval letter) received in the mail; scanned to social worker

September 9:  DTC (Dossier to China)

September 16: LID (Log In Date)

November 4: Referral received

November 6: Letter of Intent (LOI) submitted

November 11: Pre-Approval (PA) received... On Seamus' birthday!!!!

November 16: Orphan Awareness and Adoption Fundraiser

December 4: Dossier Out Of Translation (OOT)

January 10: Dossier Out of Review

January 13: "Soft" LOA (database showing approved and letter being mailed)

January 15: Hard copy LOA received at Lifeline

January 16: Lomans receive hard copy LOA. LOA wait officially over after 66 days!

January 21: USCIS (Immigration) I800 Application "received" date

February 6: I800 approved

February 12: National Visa Center cables adoption letter to U.S. Embassy in Guangzhou

February 18: Article 5 drop off

March 4: Article 5 pick up

March 11: Travel Approval

March 31: Gotcha Day

April 1: Adoption Day

April 9: Consulate Appointment in Guangzhou

April 11: Land on American soil. Emily Hope is officially a US citizen!

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