Friday, March 29, 2013

Abandonment and New Life

Today is a beautiful day. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, it's a perfect day to start the Easter weekend. I spent a little of my morning on the back porch, pruning my ferns that had been neglected all winter. The green foliage is popping through and I needed to trim away the old brush, give them fertilizer, water them, and rehang them to display their vitality. I finished 3 of the ferns and made my way over to the 4th and last. I stood on the bar stool and took down the last fern. I looked inside and noticed 3 baby birds, fragile and tiny, breathing deeply. Immediately, I thanked God for new life. Thank you Lord for this season of rebirth and growth. I marveled at these precious birds who weren't even old enough to make a peep, then quickly hung the fern back up before the momma bird could see me. I spent the next several hours peeking through the window, waiting for the momma to return. She never did, not yet anyway.

These helpless babies, left to fend for themselves, are reminders to me. I am reminded of the orphan we so desperately desire to adopt. Appropriately, today is good Friday and I am reminded of the abandonment Jesus Christ felt when he went to the cross at Calvary. Not only was he abandoned by each of the mocking sinners in the crowd and his own friends, but he was abandoned by God the Father himself! "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" (Matthew 27:46). We will never have a grasp on the pain Jesus felt when he was abandoned by his father for 3 days. The relationship between Jesus and God the father is an infinite, perfect one. This was the ultimate and most painful sever. Abandonment is painful and Jesus knows this pain personally.

As I peek out my window hoping momma bird returns, I remember the orphans, our broken and hurting world, and Jesus' abandonment and pain on the cross. But I look onward to Sunday, a day that secures our hope. What Jesus accomplished on the cross many years ago was enough for all who have been abandoned. Jesus' blood was shed and He was forsaken by God the father in order that He could adopt us as his sons! Then his resurrection, 3 days later, sealed the deal! I rejoice in knowing that there is hope for the daughter we will soon be united with. Her earthly abandonment will be but a speck of nothingness when she comes to realize the love Christ has for her.

I love Easter and all that it brings. I love the new life that is ushered into the world around us... the budding flowers, the baby birds, green grass, and oh so many allergy attacks. ;-) More importantly is the new life that Easter brings for US because of Christ's death and resurrection! His resurrection is ours as well. We are made new in Him! Happy Easter to each of you. Rejoice! He's alive... and so are we!

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