Friday, May 24, 2013

To China and Back!!!

Yes, you did see our fundraising thermometer increase by $3,000! A very special couple, who are really like family to us, has generously offered to purchase our flights to China. Our agency estimates the cost, for 2 adults to fly round trip to China, to be $3,000. This amount was factored in to our original fundraising goal of $32,000 so we are reflecting the donation in the amount raised.

Needless to say, we were blown away by this donor's generosity. Besides their love for our family, this couple expressed their desire to be a part of something big. They are excited to learn more about adoption and the need itself. They are encouraging us to bring awareness to others and they shared some wonderful ideas for the future.

To these dear friends... Thank you! (how inadequate that sounds) We are forever grateful for the overwhelming support you have extended. We love you to China and back!!!


  1. What an AMAZING blessing!

  2. What an incredible donation! God certainly does pave the way when we listen and follow his calling! :) Can't wait to "meet" Miss Emily! Love you guys!