Saturday, April 12, 2014

One Less

One less.

I am forever grateful that of the overwhelming number of orphans in this world, literally hundreds of millions, Emily makes one less. Sometimes the large number is overwhelming and we feel like we can’t make a difference but God himself leaves his entire flock in order to save just one lost sheep. (Luke 15:3-7)  As I write this, I am on the airplane from Hong Kong to Newark, NJ, pondering our little sheep who is coming home. If you have been following our story, you are familiar with the hardship that has come with our adoption. But the joy is infinitely more powerful. Abandonment, trauma, pain… all things Emily has experienced in ways we can never imagine. But we have experienced true redemption through our journey. She is coming home to our family, and coming home to know Jesus Christ, to be a part of His unfolding Kingdom. Just as our t-shirts read, “Bringing Home Emily Hope… into our family, into His Kingdom”. Oh happy day!

We are so ready to be home. Being away from Anna and Bryce for this long has been painful at times. We are eager to get back into a routine and try to figure out what our new “normal” will look like. We have experienced jet lag in an ugly way and we’re afraid it will be even worse coming home, knowing that we actually lose 13 hours this time. I’m expecting lots of rest for everyone over the next several days. We have actually decided to keep Brady home for the rest of the school year. It’s only about 6 weeks, and I’ll be home already with Emily. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. We feel like it will be an amazing opportunity to just pour in to him, disciple him, and let him continue to forge a special bond with Emily.

Emily is doing very well on this long flight. The only tears that have been shed were in the tiny lavatory to change a diaper. She’s been sleeping for hours and now she’s just playing with her sippy cup. Scratch that. She’s sound asleep again. J She does seem to be running a fever but no fussiness from her.

In 8 hours, our airplane will touch down on US soil and Emily Hope will be an American Citizen. The Lomans will be hootin’ and hollerin’ up in the New Jersey airport, in true Louisiana fashion. Whooooot!  ;)

Redemption. This is the happy ending. Redemption is God’s story. God's redemptive story has changed my life and He has now graciously covered Emily’s tragic circumstances with His redemption. There are no words to describe how thankful we are for God’s grace in this beautiful child’s life and in ALL the lives of His elect.

We’re coming home friends!!

One less. (Sigh)

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