Friday, May 23, 2014

"How Are You?"

"How are you?" My sweet friend texted me as she does every day.

"I'm good. Very busy, very tired, very good. Inspired? ;)"

"I don't need inspiration. I just wanna' know how my friend's doing."

Oh, riiiiiiight! You just wanna' know how I'm doing. And then today an acquaintance reminded me, "Please don't stop blogging." Maybe y'all just wanna' know how we're doing! :) So, here goes...

We are great, y'all. Life moves so quickly, doesn't it? The Bible tells us we are but a vapor that vanishes quickly (James 4:14). Why am I always surprised at the way time flies? I dunno but it does. And that's okay when your life is making a difference for the Kingdom of God. But that's not what this post is about. ;)

We have been home with Emily for 6 weeks. She is seriously one transformed little lady. We are blown away by the progress she has made in such a short period of time. We are out and about with her quite a bit now and she is enjoying every moment of being part of a family. Our family. We are beginning to feel like she has always been with us. Ya' know how when you have a new baby and you say, "I can't even remember what it was like without her"? Yep, just like that.

In other news, God has been stirring in our hearts... because adopting a baby from China wasn't enough to make my head spin. We have decided that I will homeschool Brady this coming year for 4th grade. I'm still fighting with God over this one but I'm sure it's of Him. So once again, we know He will provide in all the details. I've already ordered my ankle length jean dress with the apple monogrammed on the front pocket. Good Lord, I've come a long way since my binge-drinking college days.
I am so thankful for each of you who follow my blog. I love to write. It's not only my outlet but a ministry as well. I pray that my blog encourages others to always look to Christ. I pray that it touches even just one person at a time to step out in faith. My writings obviously won't continue down the road of adoption journey news. I am in the process of praying about where God wants me to go with my writing. I may change the title and take a slightly different path. However, I plan to continue advocating for orphans. I'm just not completely sure what that looks like at this point. I am thankful to be back in a season of waiting on The Lord. I trust that He won't leave me here, in "comfortable" for very long. I don't want that ever again. If I'm not hurting over the lost and being His hands and feet for the least of these, I'm not in a good place. Y'all hold this sister accountable!

Girlfriend loves the water. Bath. Swimming pool. Sprinkler. Toilet water. All of it.

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