Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Happy Birthday, Emily Hope

Today we celebrated Emily Hope's 2nd birthday! Needless to say, this is a very big day for us. So many reasons why.

She has never celebrated a birthday before. She was abandoned shortly after her birth and was living in an orphanage on her first birthday. I hope she got some extra kisses that day from her nannies. ;)

With so many unknowns and too many days with no family, we are now making up for lost time. Our precious 2 year old is being showered with hugs and kisses today, make no mistake about it. We decided to keep it simple and just spend the day loving on her and making up for lost time. We worshipped and prayed together, giving thanks for His beautiful creation in Emily Hope.

We don't know how her actual birth went down. No clue if it was in an apartment or a hospital, or perhaps somewhere else. We don't even know if August 5th was the exact day she was born. Medical reports show that she was likely 5 days old when a police officer found her on the ground in front of an orphanage on August 10th, 2012. I wonder if there were tears of joy or tears of pain or perhaps no tears at all. I often wonder who her birth mother is and what her story may be. We don't dwell on this painful past but it's a part of who Emily is and I expect we will one day share tears over where she may have come from. I also expect to share tears of joy with her over the fact that God so perfectly placed her with us. There can be beauty in pain when it draws us closer to one another, closer to God. I look forward to just "being there" for Emily. I know she'll have questions as she grows up. I may not be prepared to answer all of them perfectly but I do know the One to point her to, the One who does have all the answers.

Despite the unknowns, there's plenty we DO know about her. She has a family who will never take her for granted. And today, she is celebrated. We rejoice over the 2 years she has been alive. She has been through some very hard times as well as some very happy times over the past couple years. I wish we could have gotten to her earlier but the reality is that her early life has helped form who she is. Furthermore, God's plan for her life is perfect. His timing is perfect. Today, this mama cries over her baby. Tears of joy. We do know that her birth mother chose life and for that, we are forever grateful. It takes my breath away just thinking about the possibility of her not being on this earth.

This little girl is one of the most amazing human beings I've ever known. Stunningly beautiful on the outside. Even more beautiful on the inside. Courageous. Sensitive. Fierce. Affectionate. Brilliant. Funny. Determined. Made in the image of our perfect creator. I can't imagine the joy we would have missed out on had we not pursued adoption. I would be honored just to know her and her story. But to be her mother. Gracious God, I am so humbled. Fearfully and wonderfully made. Happy birthday, baby girl. We love you today... and for eternity to come.

It's my birthday, Y'all!!!



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