Friday, February 27, 2015

Adoption Fundraiser T-Shirt

Introducing our custom-made t-shirt, designed to help raise money for our adoption!

This is a super-soft t-shirt and can be ordered in adult and youth sizes! The cost is $20 per shirt, regardless of the size. If you don't live in our area and would like your shirts shipped, please add $4 to the cost of your total order. We are taking orders and payment now and will place one big order in a few weeks. I'll keep you posted on when they will be arriving.

To order, click on the "Donate" button on the right side of this blog homepage. If you are on a smart phone, you'll have to scroll down and click on "View web version" in order to see the donate button. This will link you to our Paypal account. As you make your payment, please indicate in the note how many shirts you are ordering and in what sizes. You are also welcome to mail us a check with your sizes included. Please message me for our mailing address, if you'd rather pay this way.

This may be our only fundraiser. It's an easy one to organize, and who doesn't love a cool t-shirt?! A one-year long adoption process is stressful. We are trying to condense that entire process within a matter of a few months, so you can imagine how much time we (DON'T) have for fundraising! We would love to honor sweet little Ru with a party on the town square, like we did for Emily, but that just. ain't. happnin. ;) Sooooooo... if you'd like to support our adoption, please do it now by ordering some shirts for yourself and all your favorite people!

Love y'all and all your support! Can't wait to see these t-shirts all around town (and beyond)!

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