Saturday, March 14, 2015


Yaru is officially scheduled for surgery on Tuesday! Praise The Lord!

There is a foundation in Beijing that has agreed to help with the cost. China Little Flower, who is currently caring for Ru, will be responsible for much of the cost as well. Without these two groups, Ru would literally be without the hope of surgery. Both organizations use donated funds to provide life-saving surgeries for the "undeserved" in China. We have committed to helping them raise funds for Ru's surgery in order for this to be able to happen.

To learn more about China Little Flower, you can visit their site HERE.

And HERE is information about the doctor who has been fighting for Ru and who will perform the surgery.

I am pleading and praying for you to consider this request. Will you please pray over the possibility of helping to fund this $50,000 surgery? If we do not fund it in full, the foundations will still proceed with paying for the surgery. However, any deficit in their surgery budget will result in denying another child a life-saving surgery. Many surgeries for orphans in China are only possible through private donations.

Any donation you make directly to China Little Flower will be tax deductible. I have a button on the right side of this page (if you are on a mobile device, click "view web version" at bottom of page to see it) where you can donate directly to them, specifically for Ru's surgery. If you are more comfortable sending us your donation through Paypal, feel free to do so (use the "Donate" button below the thermometer on our page) and we will make sure the funds are forwarded for her surgery. Just be sure to type "Yaru surgery" in the note so we know the donation is for this purpose and not our general adoption expenses.

Please share this with everyone you know and help with any amount you can. Perhaps your church would like to get involved by using their mission funds for this. Maybe you are willing to organize a drive in your neighborhood. We are grateful for any creativity and generosity in generating the needed funds. Remember, this is a request to provide life-saving surgery, not to fund our adoption expenses. We know that all things are possible with God. We know that He has called us to fight for Ru's life and that includes requesting donations for her surgery. We are so grateful for any amount you are willing to help with. Will you please help us in our fight for this precious baby's life?


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