Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Host to Advocate

Well friends, we are embarking on a new adventure. Our hearts remain in China, being burdened for the lost and particularly the orphan. We are so humbled to do God's work when He calls. Once again, He's done just that. He has led us to a ministry that gives us the opportunity to love the least of these and fight for the most vulnerable among us. We have been so eager to share this exciting news with you and pray that you will walk alongside us on this hard and beautiful road.

This summer, our family will host an orphaned child from China. This child is eligible for adoption but no one pursues her, so she waits in a state run institution. She will have the opportunity to live with us for one month, know the love of a family and be introduced to the gospel of Jesus Christ. While she is here, we will fiercely advocate on her behalf. We will do all that God wills in order that her forever family be found. We will also work to raise money for a grant that can be given to a family willing to adopt her. We know how expensive international adoption is and we don't want that to be an obstacle for a family ready to love this child. Stay tuned for information on a FUNdraiser we are planning!

I know you're ready to meet this sweetie! Her name is "Fu Yi" and she is an adorable 5 year old who has Down's Syndrome. Her medical information indicates that she's very healthy. She is described as shy and timid. She looks scared and skeptical in all of her pictures but we know the amazing impact of loving a child, even if only for a few weeks. We are beyond excited to watch her joy emerge! We have plenty more to share with interested families. And we'll have SO much more to share once she's here.

Wondering how you can help? The options are almost endless and we will definitely keep you informed about her needs. For now, we are asking for prayer. Please pray that Fu Yi's heart will be well-prepared for her visit here. Pray that God would work mightily on her behalf, both in China and during her visit here. Pray that the Holy Spirit would soften and awaken hearts of the family who He has willed to adopt her. If you have the gift of prayer, perhaps you can commit to praying for her daily. We know firsthand how powerful prayer is and it's certainly where God wants us to begin.

We will begin advocating for her in various ways, before she even arrives. You'll see many FB posts and blog entries, as we search for her forever family. We will be planning our fundraising event for her adoption grant. We will be busy with paperwork and training, as required by the agency in charge. Before she arrives, we'll have fun shopping for girly clothes, toiletries, traveling games and anything else we can think of to spoil her (she comes with nothing, only the clothes she is wearing). When she arrives, we will have plenty of opportunities for you to meet her. We love that you can be a part of loving on her, even if you aren't the family that God calls to adopt her! If, at any point, you think God may be calling you to inquire about her, please do. Our home will be open and we welcome anyone to spend time at our house while she's here. Let us pray with you, spend more time with her, ask us a hundred questions, whatever you think is in order. Just let us know how we can help.

We are thrilled about this opportunity that God has so graciously laid upon us. We know He provides when He calls. I can barely wait to see how He shows up and works in all of this. All glory be to God and His good will to Fu Yi and each of you! (Romans 8:28)

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