Friday, April 5, 2013

Full Force Ahead!

I have been itching to post an update and am thrilled to be sharing another piece of our story with you! Writing is my outlet and I find great joy in keeping up with this blog. I am thankful for the means to share my heart with you.

We have been officially welcomed in to Lifeline's agency. We have been assigned a case worker (precious lady named Logan who we met in Birmingham) and the official process has begun! We have been given a (very large) manual to read, with a whole lot of papers to sign and information to gather. Y'all. If you don't like signing your name, don't consider adopting a baby. Phew! And this is only the beginning.

On top of the reading, signing, and gathering we have scheduled our first Home Study meeting for next Friday, April 12th! The home study is performed by a licensed social worker and consists of a series of interviews, family interaction, home investigation, lots more paperwork, gathering of documents, and more fun than we can begin to imagine! ;-) We are happy to participate in all of it, knowing the end result of all this! If you would, please pray for us in our upcoming home study. I'm sure it will be fine but we will be sharing every personal aspect of our lives and will be examined thoroughly.

On top of all this, we have a couple big chunks of change due very soon. God has always provided for us and we know the payments will be possible with His help. If you haven't ordered your doughnuts yet, feel free to do that now! Click HERE to learn more about our yummy fundraiser!

After a little back and forth (and plenty of votes from y'all), we have decided on a name for our baby girl! Without further adieu... Emily Hope Loman. The name Emily means diligent and eager. I pray that she is blessed with diligence and an eagerness to know and love Christ fully. And I pray that she rests only in the "hope" that Jesus Christ offers. It's all we want for our children. We know that He will handle the rest. The kids are so excited to have a name for their baby sister and they think it would be cute to call her "Mimi". It's so sweet to see how excited they are. Good stuff. ;-)

Seamus and I are already overwhelmed by God's faithfulness in this journey. He knew that we would need plenty of people to walk with us, people who love us and are bound to us as brothers and sisters. Boy has he provided in that! Your prayers for peace are truly being heard by God and felt by us. The emails, phone calls, text messages, words of encouragement, the prayers, the donations, the offers to be hands and feet for us, your sharing my blog and getting our story out... the list of ways He has loved us, through you, goes on and on. We are humbled by your willingness to participate in our journey and amazed by the grace He continues to lavish on us! "Thank you" does no justice to how we are feeling right now.

I'd love to share a song with y'all that I heard recently. It's so cool and it's just one of many that's offering encouragement. I love, love, love music. Don't be surprised if I throw a song in most of my posts, just for fun. :-) I love me some Audio Adrenaline...

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