Thursday, December 28, 2017

Miracles for Maggie

It's been almost 2 months since I've written anything here but that's not to say big things haven't been happening.

Since our immigration approval, we received our LOA (letter of acceptance) from China. In previous adoptions, this step took 60-70 days. It was a surprise to hear of our LOA only 25 days in to our wait! Today, our 800 immigration application will be overnighted to USCIS. This is asking permission for our specific child to immigrate to the U.S. This step should take about 2 weeks. After that, there are several little steps (and lots of paperwork) that happen in order to complete the process. We are pretty confident that we will be traveling in March but hopeful it could actually be sooner. Travel time after LOA is generally about 10 weeks out. We'll be on our way to get Maggie before we know it!

In addition to a quick timeline, God has worked other miracles on our behalf. We shared on Facebook that we received a couple large donations recently, leaving about $4,000 left to raise! Talk about close to goal! Once we raise the total amount, our plan was to help our 5 kids fundraise for their travel expenses, which will total about $12,500 for all of them. That leaves us at about $16,500 needed in order to get Maggie home. We have a short time to make this happen and have been praying about how it will come to fruition before we are supposed to travel. We had no doubt God provides in all that He calls us to but we just couldn't see how He was going to fulfill this. Well, as of a couple days ago, a true miracle has transpired.

We received word from a precious family that they feel led to help us with the finances needed. Not only are they feeling led to donate but they want to bring this journey to completion! They have written us a check to bridge the gap for all adoption expenses plus every penny needed for the entire family to travel! Y'all. We are obviously overwhelmed and at a loss for words.

God has gifted this family with financial means and they have obediently said "Yes!" to Maggie, the same way we have by using our own unique gifts. Seamus recently shared with them, "We are eager to get Maggie home so we can introduce her to Jesus and let her feel His love forever." As authentic believers, they were moved by our desire for her life. Their response has left an imprint on our souls forever, "All done in Jesus' name for his glory. Go get baby Maggie and bring her home to know and love Jesus forever. We are all so blessed... Maggie is already bringing us closer to our Lord and Savior! All glory to God."

We send a special thank you to this family but truly, we have so many to thank. From the first $10 donation we received in August, to the larger gifts of over $1000, each one is making this happen. Every single gift, every fundraiser organized, every prayer lifted up on behalf of our family... and I mean EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. has made an impact for the Kingdom of Christ! There's a zero percent chance we'd ever be able to bring Maggie home, had it not been for each of you. We are giving God praise for his mighty work through you! Thank you for letting Him have his way with your gifts. We are eternally grateful.

We humbly ask for you to remain in prayer for our family. Let's get this angel home, safe and sound!

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