Saturday, June 22, 2013

Blessings Galore

These past few days have been filled with crazy surprises! It started with an amazing family offering to purchase our travel to China for me, Seamus, AND our son Brady. It's hard to imagine what was to follow...

If we weren't overwhelmed enough, we received a cash donation the next day from another loved one, in the amount of $750! Wow! We were blown away... AGAIN.

Then there was our garage sale this morning. We made $250 to benefit our adoption! I was hoping for $100 because I pretty much give everything away at these type of things. :-) Thanks to those of you who donated items! (We're probably going to do another one later this summer so feel free to save more junk) The garage sale was a blessing to me personally because I had several strangers share their hearts with me. I love when people open up because there's always an opportunity to share the love of Christ with them and the Lord uses these stories to humble me. One lady shared a story with me about an injury she had years ago and left her almost paralyzed. She woke up one morning crying out to a God she didn't really know. Long story short, God responded through physical healing and she hasn't stopped sharing her story since. Another lady shared with me that she has a 6 year old grandson who has terminal cancer. Sigh. There were others who touched my heart. I didn't expect to give so many hugs at a garage sale. Amazing how God works through such an ordinary event!

After the garage sale, I went to check the mail (as I do so faithfully, always hoping for a letter back from the Immigration Department) and there was a letter from someone we love with a donation of $500! WHAT?! Really?!

Uh... uh... uh... yeah, I'm pretty speechless (and y'all know that doesn't happen often ;). Hugs, kisses, thank you, and blessings to each of you! Every time I thank God for his faithfulness in providing, he laughs and drops another one on us! :-)

Between the 2 donations and our profit from the garage sale, I have increased our fundraising thermometer by $1,500! We are almost half way there, y'all... Wow!!!

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