Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

It's Father's Day. Today is a reminder of how much I adore my dad. It's also a day to thank my sweet husband for his Godly rearing of our children. It is good to recognize our fathers. The Bible commands our men to protect, provide, and sacrifice for our families. You may have a loving father. You may not. Your father may be alive, or perhaps he has passed. Maybe your father lives with you, maybe he's 1,000 miles away. I hope that, like me, you can say that you adore your father and can name the many reasons why. But regardless of your situation, we can all give thanks and praise to our Heavenly Father. This Father is perfect. He is love. He is strong. He is faithful. He is the ultimate provider and protector. He never gives up on us, never abandons us, never forsakes us. He only speaks truth, he is just and merciful all at the same time, and his forgiveness is unending for those who call him "Father". He is the defender of the weak, father to the fatherless. He is the redeemer of my soul. He is... "I am." Happy Father's Day to my awesome dad, to my amazing husband, and to my Heavenly Father who adopted me in to His forever family!

Here's a post I read earlier from our adoption agency blog... God Our Father. I enjoyed it and thought you might as well. :-)

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