Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Gotcha and Adoption Day

Before I start writing about the whirlwind I am currently experiencing, I'd like to say thank you. Thank you for the meals and support back home. Thank you for the many prayers that are being lifted up for our family. Thank you for the encouragement through Facebook. I can hardly keep up with all the messages and comments. Please keep them coming. I can't respond to all of them or click "like" on every comment but I do see them all and appreciate every word. The support I am feeling half a world away is truly miraculous. Thank you.

Yesterday was Gotcha Day. It was messy, and hard, and beautiful, and glorious. Samuel grieved deeply for losing everything he was familiar with. It was exhausting. For both of us. He is terrified of strangers and had clearly formed a bond with his caretaker. So many tears. So much fear and angst in his little heart. I honestly don't have much to say about the day because it really just felt like survival mode. I am unbelievably grateful for this day, as hard as it was to experience.

Today was Adoption Day. This is the day that Samuel officially became a part of our family. He is no longer an orphan. He is the beloved son of the One true King. Son to Laura and Seamus. Brother. Nephew. Grandson. Forever a part of our family and forever a part of God's elect Kingdom. I look at his face and am awestruck at how much God loves him. He plucked Samuel out of a horrific situation, and placed him in a family who will nurture him and show him the love of Christ. There are hundreds of millions of children who will never know the gospel, who are living hopeless lives. He chose Samuel to be redeemed from this. I am in awe. There just aren't any words to explain the joy over what took place today. All God. Please know this. Not me. Not Seamus. ALL CHRIST JESUS. Please consider being His instrument, a vehicle for His work in these children's lives. I promise there's no greater joy on earth than the fruit you will reap from your obedience.

I can talk about the hot, smoky room we entered yesterday to meet Samuel and the same room where I returned to sign paperwork and stamp our fingers to seal the deal. But I want to take a moment to share something bigger. I am a witness to God's miracles. Friends, there aren't even words to describe what has happened to Samuel since yesterday. Your prayers have been heard. Not one of them was in vein. He heard and has responded with incredible grace. I am dumbfounded, humbled by His goodness. Why am I surprised? We need only believe!

Samuel is attaching to me in a significant way. He has begun smiling and playing. He is comforted by my touch and voice. He is opening up and showing that he is beginning to trust me. The kicker happened today when we returned to the Civil Affairs office. The caretaker who brought Samuel to me yesterday was there again today. This time, he didn't scream and cry for her embrace. He clung to me tightly and turned away from her. I couldn't believe it. I thought for sure he'd digress as soon as he saw her but our bond only became stronger. I know there will be many more moments of grief that will rear it's face in different fashions. But I truly feel like Samuel has made monumental progress in only one day. This can only be the grace of God.

Samuel does the cutest thing to stand up. Because he's missing his left forearm, he only has his right hand to push him up. So, he uses his head on the floor to help. I'm amazed at this child and his ability.

He's about to wake up from nap so I'll end here. I'll try my best to keep the blog updated. Forgive when I ramble. I'm experiencing a rainbow of emotion and am exhausted. Most of my posts while in China will be informational, not eloquent. ;) Grateful ahead of time for the grace!

Gotcha! Grieving Together
Gotcha Day
Gotcha Day... Finally asleep after many tears
On our way to Adoption Day!
Seal the deal, Mom!
Making it official with our red fingerprints!
After one day with me, y'all. Unreal.
Miracles are real

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