Saturday, August 22, 2015

Made it Across the Pond

My laptop is dead and our converters aren't working in Korea. I'll be able to figure it out once we're in China but for now, I'm typing on my phone. Just wanted to give an update here, as I'm not sure when my next opportunity to write will be.

Suzi and I left New Orleans Friday evening. The trip has not been gracefully uneventful, but full of grace, nonetheless. We flew to Los Angelos and laughed quite a bit on that flight. Suzi is one funny gal and we enjoy laughing at the other's delirium. I think I'll start a journal to remember all the quirky and hilarious experiences we have.

We did make it to LA safely and barely made it to our next flight, but not before Suzi got her things confiscated and had a pat down in a private room. Fun! We hustled from there and made it on to our Asiana flight to Seoul, Korea. LAX is a huge airport yall. I thought Atlanta was something to brag about. They got nothin' on LAX!

Our 13 hour flight to Seoul was quite an adventure. I did sleep for about 6 hours, thanks to some special "friends" who were consumed with water. I do want to respect my sweet friend's privacy but I will say Suzi was very ill on that flight. We are in the Seoul airport now, recharging and refreshing. She seems to be feeling better but is definitely pretty run down from that leg. Any prayers you can offer up would be appreciated! I found a fabulous cup of coffee in this airport (the conversation to complete this transaction was quite comical. It went something like this. "I'd like a cup of Kenyan drip coffee please." Adorable Korean girl responds, "It take 2 days," and hands me a beeper. Luckily, my beeper went off in 8 minutes.).

Our layover in Seoul is about 7 hours. From here, we will fly to Nanjing, China. This is the capital city of Samuel's province and is where we will spend one week. We arrive in Nanjing at 2:30PM on Sunday, which is 1:30AM CST. Y'all. I will be meeting Samuel in about 24 hours! Oh the love. I can't even.

I feel fantastic so far. I remember the agony of jet lag and suspect it'll hit hard. But for now, I'm just so excited to embrace my beautiful son. I have bionic energy right now!

My next post may be my GOTCHA post, so keep an eye out! Please pray for Samuel over the next several days. This will be a very traumatic experience for him. I just know God will envelope him with His peace that surpasses understanding.

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