Friday, August 7, 2015

Travel Approval

So many emotions stir when you get this close. It feels like yesterday we brought Emily home. All the same feelings of excitement, gratitude, nervousness, come rushing fresh again.

We received that coveted call today. Our social worker informed us that we have TA! This means China has granted us travel approval to come scoop up our bundle. Sweet Suzi and I fly out the evening of Friday, August 21st. All things are in order. Sorta.

Of course, we are now trying to get things in order here. We are busy in school so the kids don't get too far behind. We want to give them the time off while I'm in China and also several weeks after we get home. What a neat opportunity we'll all have to be hunkered down at home together while Samuel learns to adjust and attach. Besides school, I'm busy packing, completing paperwork, buying gifts for Chinese nannies and officials, organizing babysitters and meals, tying up loose ends at work, and just snugglin' my babies while I can.

Our fundraising thermometer has been steadily rising, thanks to so many who are loving on us. On Monday we received an unbelievable donation of $2,500! God provides at just the right moment. We still have a couple thousand to go but we are almost there! The remaining funds are needed for some travel and spending money while in China. We are sure this final chunk will come right when we need it, either through a donation or personal savings. We really didn't know how we would pay for this adoption but we knew God would provide if He'd called us to it. Once again, He proves faithful!

In less than 3 weeks, Samuel will be safe in my arms. No longer an orphan. Our journey has been an incredible one, with twists and turns we never expected. But God knew. He has always known that all the events up to now would lead us to Samuel. His plan is perfect, even when we can't see what He's doing. And we are humbled to be a part of His unfolding kingdom. It's true that "Great people don't do great things... God does great things through surrendered people."

If you would like to pray for our family, there are some specific requests that we would love lifted up. Please pray for safe travels as Suzi and I venture across the globe and through different parts of China. Samuel needs prayer as well. We know this will be a huge adjustment for him. Will you also keep our entire family close in prayer? Seamus will be home with our 4 kids. We have an amazing support network and lots of help that we are so grateful for. Nonetheless, I don't expect it will be easy for any of them. We are so very thankful for your prayers!

Feel free to share our FB page with anyone you think might like to journey with us to China. I do plan to write here but will post most updates at Hard to believe I'm typing this again but... HERE WE GO!

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