Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Preview of our Trip to China

We are leaving for China in 11 DAYS!!! Want a peak in to what we'll be doing when we get there?

As you know, we fly out of New Orleans on March 26th. We will go to Beijing first. We will spend one day touring The Great Wall. We will spend the next day at Emily's foster orphanage. Yes, we will be spending an entire day with her, in her own environment, even before our official "gotcha day". It's a little unheard of and we are beyond privileged to have this opportunity. The next day we fly to Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia, which is the province where she came from. "Gotcha day" will be the 31st. At that point, we never have to separate from her again. That week we will be working on her passport and some sightseeing in her province. That Thursday, we will visit her original orphanage, see where she was abandoned, and acquire any information we can. After several days there, we will all fly down to Guangzhou, where the American Embassy is. We will have several days to tour there while necessary paperwork is making it's way through the system before we leave. On the last day, we'll travel to Hong Kong and stay overnight, where our flight will leave the next morning. Soooooo.... New Orleans to Beijing to Langfang to Hohhot to Guangzhou to Hong Kong to New Orleans. Got it? Yeah, me neither.

It's a lot to digest at one time. My goal is to post daily on our Facebook page as well as on my blog. You'll likely see more if you're following us on FB. Any time I post on my blog, I'll link it on FB. I'll probably throw some pictures and one liner updates on FB pretty frequently. I know we will be completely exhausted but I'm hoping to throw some words together each night, so that you at least know where we were that day and what our plan is for the next day. :-)

I can't believe this is happening.

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