Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It's Geaux Time!

Flights are booked! All of the events over the past year have led up to this one moment. The moment we board that plane.

We received TA (travel approval) and our CA (consulate appointment) this morning. I knew why our social worker was calling. I saw her number on my phone and my stomach dropped. It's the moment every international adoptive parent waits for. There are a lot of calls that we wait for. A lot of them are good. Some aren't so good. But the call where we find out we have TA is THE call. The emotion felt when we hear "TA" trumps all other. It's the moment I literally felt God giving me a high five. VICTORY!

Victory. That's what this is. God vividly revealed to us that adoption is his number one priority. He adopted us. He calls us to live a life that points to who He is and what He does. He adopts. So we adopt. He called us to live out what He has done. This past year... the events, emotion, heartache and joy have all lead to the victory that He promised us from the beginning of our journey. He called us. He carried us. And He is delivering us. Delivering us half way around the world to be united with the daughter who was predestined to be our child and more importantly HIS child. That, my friends, is victory.

We will board a plane on Wednesday, March 26th. Our "gotcha day" will be Monday, March 31st. This is the day that our baby girl is put in our arms. From this day on, she is ours. Forever. Never labeled "orphan" again. We will return home on April 11th. There's a lot that will happen between March 26th and April 11th. We look forward to letting you walk with us while we are there, through my blog, and our FB page.

So here we are. All of the events over the past year have led up to this one moment. We will board that plane on March 26th and at that moment, it all comes to a head. The prayers and conversations we had when considering this ministry. Finding my long lost "hope" rock. Our trip to Birmingham. The lifelong friendships we have forged. Doughnut Day. Seeing her picture for the first time. Praying that her medical reports weren't accurate, that maybe she didn't really have leukemia or severe cerebral palsy, but knowing she was ours regardless. Learning that she was born with a congenital heart defect, then learning it is probably healed. The baby shower. The call to worship at church. Our event in November and the privilege of sharing the gospel that night. Assembling her nursery. Creating a t-shirt to honor her. The opportunities to minister to others and encourage them to pursue adoption and orphan care. The care packages. The tears. The excitement. All of it comes to a head today and again the moment we board that plane.

We serve a mighty God, y'all. He has done all this. He has brought us this far. He has blessed us beyond measure, and now has secured victory once again with the news that we are officially waiting to travel.

As we say in Louisiana... It's Geaux Time!

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