Monday, March 17, 2014

Stay in Touch

If you need to get in touch with us during our trip to China, here are the best ways to do so...

Email. Seamus and I will both be checking our email accounts daily while we are there.

Viber. This is a free app that you can download on your phone. It allows you to text and call others who have the Viber app, all for free! Seamus and I both have this app on our phones.

Facebook. I'll be on Facebook at least once a day and you can message me that way if it's not an emergency.

Skype. We plan to Skype daily with our younger kiddos back home. We'll be Skyping from my account so if you're looking for us, we're at LauraLoman1. Or you can search for me by email address (

If there is an emergency or you need us immediately, please feel free to text or call us as you normally would. It will cost us $1.99 per minute to talk on our regular line. To receive a text from you, we will only be charged 5 cents. It costs 50 cents per outgoing text, however. If there is an emergency, try texting us and we can call you through Viber at that point. Frankly, if there's an emergency, we'll gladly pay whatever fees for you to be able to contact us, so do whatever you need to do to get us! ;-) By the way, there is no charge for you to text or call us because you are still calling a local number.

Keep in mind that we will be 13 hours ahead of CST. ;) Hope to hear from y'all while we're abroad!

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