Thursday, March 27, 2014

We've Made it to Beijing!

We made it to Beijing! It was a long haul but we are finally here.

The long flight was actually nice. It was pretty empty and we each had our own row of 3 seats! So we sprawled out, watched movies, and slept comfortably.
We thought we’d be flying east from D.C. but it turns out we traveled north through Canada, crossed the arctic ocean, and passed over Russia to get here. We basically went “over” the globe to get here. Because of this path, it has been sunny since we left our house Wednesday morning. We got to Beijing around 3:30pm (2:30am CST). We actually traveled with the sun so we basically skipped a night. Our bodies are very confused by the fact that it’s been daylight for about 24 hours.
Our very sweet guide, Heidi, met us at the airport and drove us to get some bottled water before heading to our hotel. We are staying at the Inner Mongolia Grand in Beijing and it is very nice. Brady's a little disappointed that there aren't any English t.v. channels. :) Heidi brought us a nice Chinese dinner to eat in our room and it was surprisingly delicious!
Tomorrow, we will be conquering The Great Wall of China! Our guide, Heidi, will be picking us up from our hotel at 9am and giving us the grand tour. I hear it’s magnificent and can’t wait to actually be there.
Thank you for your prayers for safety. Everything has been seamless so far, aside from exhaustion.
My two guys are conked out on the bed, which is where I want to be. So, I'll sign out for now. Here are a few pictures from our day of travel.

Waiting for Take Off

The Pollution is Terrible!
Our first authentic taste of China. So good!

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  1. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!! tears of joy!!!!!! mama is coming!!!!!!