Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Article 5 in the bag!

"Good morning... with some wonderful news! Your article 5 was picked up today and overnighted to the CCCWA!" This is the text I received from our social worker this morning.

This means Emily's visa is complete and has been sent to the adoption department in China. We now wait for TA (travel approval). The expected wait for TA is about 2 weeks but these have been coming in under a week lately. Once we receive TA, we schedule our consulate appointment and book our flights!

Best case scenario... We fly out on March 19th, "gotcha day" on March 24th, consulate appointment March 31st, fly home on April 1st.

Likely scenario... We fly out on March 26th, gotcha March 31st, consulate appointment April 7th, fly home April 8th.

Worst case scenario... Fly out April 2nd, gotcha April 7th, consulate appointment April 14th, fly home April 15th.

Hoping to announce soon that we have TRAVEL APPROVAL!!!!!!

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